Training enables informed, sustainable initiatives.

Training on topics such as healthy masculinity, gender roles, and feminist history in addition to the foundations of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking are critical component of building our communities’ capacities and skills to strengthen our efforts to engage men. The organizations and resources below provide a range of training and technical assistance opportunities to support your work.

Men need training to lead effectively.

Engaging men as leaders to support initiatives to end GBV is essential to the overall success and sustainability of working with men throughout communities to end GBV. Men with influence in communities are positioned to engage other men but may need training and support to become influencers in the work to end GBV. Depending on the prior knowledge and experience of engaged men, training may need to be more basic or advanced around topics of masculinity, leadership, and healthy relationships. Key training topics include:

  • Healthy and abusive relationship behaviors.
  • Gender norms, gender socialization, and masculinity.
  • Gender-based violence, sexism, and oppression.
  • Violence prevention strategies.
  • Community organizing.

Questions to Consider When Reviewing, Selecting, and Adapting Programs

  • What prior experiences and knowledge do the men with influence in your community have related to Engaging Men concepts and initiatives?
  • What goals do you have for your initiatives to engage men and how can your training for influential men align and support these goals?

Organizations that Provide Training on Engaging Men

Resources and Tools for Developing Men’s Programming

Working Together with Men


AUTHOR: HealthWest Partnership

YEAR: 2020

DESCRIPTION: Guide aiming to inspire and assist with the creation of grassroots community mobilization movements that engage men to prevent violence against women.

Understanding Masculinities & Violence Against Women and Girls


AUTHOR: UN Women Training Centre

YEAR: 2016

DESCRIPTION: Self-Learning Booklet aiming to build the learner’s understanding of the relationship between issues of masculinities and violence against women and girls to advance gender equality.